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  Mobile Communications System (MCS)  
  CIS Mobile Computing System (MCS) is end-to-end integrated with CIS CAD and CIS RMS. MCS provides the Mobile Laptop with the same RMS Screens and Text reporting. The Laptop has a direct connection by LAN to the Host Server. MCS is certified compatible with CDPD, IP MobileNet, Data Radio, Wide-band Common Carrier CDMA and 1XRTT networks.

Key Elements of MCS:

CAD to Mobile
  • Ability to dispatch and send messages to ALL or selected mobiles in the field
  • MCS provides both text display and clear voice for received transactions, with command key to repeat message
Mobile to CAD
  • Create an incident, change status and enter disposition with few screen touches
  • Keep constant communication with dispatch using the messaging capability
  • Run state/NCIC inquiry with timely return
RMS to Mobile
  • Database of prior listings
  • Image enabled to send over mug shots and documents
Mobile to RMS
  • Run inquires of the entire CIS database
  • Create record entry and text reports for field incidents
Mobile to Mobile
  • Direct message communication with other field mobiles
Transactions Command
  • Transactions can be performed using the touch screen capability or command key
Special Programs
  • MCS mapping duplicates the CAD Map Pin Map of incidents, units and Phase 2 latitude/longitude
  • Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) is available
  • Use Mobile Traffic/Parking Ticket Printing (MTP) to create citations
  • Mobile Field Reporting (MFR) is available
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