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  Jail Management System (JMS)  
  The Jail Management System (JMS) is a comprehensive on-line transaction based System which provides comprehensive inmate management, facilities management, billing, special programs and provides seamless integration with CIS' other public safety software.

Key Elements of Jail Management System (JMS):

Inmate Management
  • On-line booking
  • Classification
  • Housing
  • Integrated mug shots
  • Sentence calculation
  • Visitor registration
  • User definable alerts and flags
Facilities Management
  • Inmate gatekeeper tracks inmates in and out of the facility, as well as handles inmate/facility schedules
  • Visitation gatekeeper displays all registered visitors for current inmates, along with the current visitors
  • Group inmate movements follows inmate movement by agency, facility and location
  • To add information, the operator can access the inmate log - it is date/time/operator validated by the system and may not be altered
  • Master inquiries of the entire CIS System, including name, address, telephone and vehicle
  • Single click obtains a lookup of the current inmate population by housing, intake date, and name, as well as booking number and property locker
Other Key Features
  • Commissary and inmate billing
  • Create and customize searchable fields
  • Unlimited narratives in Microsoft Word may be created for each inmate record - agency created templates are supported
  • Booking report can be compiled and printed within seconds
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