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  Campbell County Consolidated System, KY

I recently received a phone call from the Prosecutor in Virginia Beach, VA. He was having trouble locating victim of a crime that occurred in VA, who lived in our jurisdiction because his subpoenas kept coming back indicating that there was no such address. By using the CIS Master Name File, I was not only able to provide the correct address for his subpoena, but also found that his victim was in our jail on a recent burglary charge. We were able to determine a time frame in which the Prosecutor might be able to get his victim back to his jurisdiction. We solved the Prosecutor's problem in minutes. The Prosecutor was very impressed, and asked me several questions about the System we were using.

I took this information to a user meeting of the twenty-five (25) Agencies in the Campbell County Consolidated System to impress upon some of our agencies how our shared System's information could benefit even agencies across the country.

Lt. Jane Poynter, Newport Kentucky Police Department

Wood County Sheriffs Department, WI

1: Interoperability of Modules: The ease of movement between Systems' modules with the automatic data filling where appropriate from each module gives our deputies a wealth of data at their fingertips. The information from the CID module that is available to investigators is invaluable when it comes to associates, employment, mug shots, etc.

2: Crime analysis: The ability to search by key words for stolen/recovered items makes it very easy for our Deputies to locate specific property in the System and with a few clicks read the connected report regarding that property.

3: The multi-jurisdictional capability of CIS gives all seven (7) law enforcement agencies using the CIS System a wealth of data that is easily shared between the agencies including the Jail data.

Lt. Robert Levendoske

Salisbury Police Department, MD

Maintenance and Support - Since becoming a customer in October 1986 and Windows since 2000, we have never once had a support issue that was not immediately assigned and worked on. These support requests occurred 24x7 and we have always been satisfied with their support.

Direct Access to management - As with most agencies, there have been times where we would need information on pricing, contracts etc., and this information was required yesterday. Always, they have come through for us. What sets them apart is that sometimes we will get a verbal quote to put in a grant, etc. and we can say that they stand behind what they say. They always give the feeling that the customer is always right and they have always been honest with us.

Enhancements and new Modules- Enhancements occur on a regular basis. Modules are constantly added and you never lose the integration part that this System offers. Just as important as the frequency of enhancements is the quality of these.

Custom Reports - CIS is very responsive on adding new reports when asked at no charge.

New inquiries and Searches - The Windows search capabilities within this System are outstanding. The tight integration of all Systems and the ability to search among the Systems far exceeds our expectations. Everyday searches are being performed in ways too numerous to mention. This System, although considered an off the shelf package, makes you feel that it has been completely customized for Salisbury.

Seamless Integration - The System we use consists of CAD/RMS/CID/Mobile/Imaging/Mapping. When you explain in detail the System, it may become confusing to someone to think of 5 separate applications. Users think that it is just one System. The complete integration allows the single System concept and is a reason why this package is so powerful.

Ease of Use - If you know how to use a mouse and are somewhat familiar with Windows, the System is very easy to learn. Navigating through the system can be taught within minutes. The System is so comprehensive that even after you thought you have mastered it, you will find new ways to utilize it. For example, the Custom Tabs allow you to add a hundred custom fields in every System application to capture data in areas that suddenly become important.

The automatic lookup of address within CAD alert officers immediately to prior incidents. Several times this has given indication of the notification given for a weapon, orders of protection, prior involvements or other alert needed to be made to the officer.

Interoperability - Once the state interface is in, we will have 14 agencies, 5 counties, 100+ devices, 250+ users on the same mobile data system. Different use for CAD - During a Hurricane a couple of years ago, an agency was created and all 911 calls and other calls relating to this event were recorded and tracked. This allowed for us later to show what resources were needed so we could apply for reimbursements.

Lt. John Moore

UTMB Police Department, TX

[Regarding operations during Hurricane Rita preparation.]
Thank you CIS so much for your concern. It's been an extremely hectic and stressful week. The phones have been horrible in all of the south Texas area codes affected by the storm. Those of us who evacuated had an extremely hard time checking up on those we left behind. We got lucky on this one. We went into Emergency Status last Wednesday at 8am. We came out of "E" status this morning at 8am. All of our staff is considered "E" status other than administrative support. So all of our guys/gals have been living on campus for almost a week without a break. We moved dispatch (with their computers) into the hospital incident command center. They were thrilled because CIS stayed up the entire time. We ran on emergency generators for awhile. Everyone is fine. Minor property damage for some of us. Power is back to most of the island. I still have to boil the water at home - for another few days at least. Thanks again for your support. Please send our regards to all of your staff.

Laura Ford, Administrative Operations Manager

Northfield Police Department, IL

I wanted to write a letter to express my appreciation for the rapid response and excellent support given to the Northfield Police Department's Communication Center by your agency.

In late February, we were asked to provide a report with the average response times for all Fire Department calls for service. CIS' Mike Kilroy worked with my Communications Supervisor, Lorene Boyes, and over the course of several days he returned several drafts of the report. The report was then finalized and implemented at no charge.

I know when we call your agency for assistance that we will always receive a high level of service without exception. This is another example of how your agency went above and beyond the call of duty to assist ours. Please thank Mike Kilroy for the excellent service over the past 20 years.

William K. Lustig, Chief of Police

Northfield Police Department, IL

We are using a CAD and Records Management System from Computer Information Systems, Inc. (CIS). Incidents from CAD integrate easily into Records with one click. Incidents can be started from CAD or Records and each system is capable of operating independently but is a strong package. The CAD is also Mobile, has a fully Phase II compliant mapping product, and imaging, etc. We will soon be taking the system mobile and doing field reporting and mobile dispatching through it. We are able to use the Internet connection and the Internet connection on the squads to run the mobile client making this an affordable option for us as we already pay the IWIN fees for internet connectivity (EVDO).

We have been with CIS since 1984 and started with this system in 2000. We have no problems at all. We are very happy with the system and support we receive. We dispatch Police, Fire, EMS - handle police records, citations, alarms, housewatches, etc. In addition we use Crystal Reports to write a wide plethora of our own custom reports.

Lorene Z. Boyes, Communications/Records Supervisor and E9-1-1 Coordinator

Computer Information Systems, Inc.  7840 N Lincoln Ave, Skokie, IL 60077


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