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Civil Process System
  Civil Process System (CPS)  
  The Civil Process System (CPS) is an on-line transaction system that is seamlessly integrated with the CIS CAD, RMS and JMS Systems. CPS provides entering, assignment, tracking and documented delivery of civil papers.

Key Elements of Civil Process System (CPS):

Attorney/Originator (AOR) File
  • Contains information on the originator of the request for service
  • Master record for billing and an established account for additional cases and related processes
Case File
  • Holds basic information on a specific case
  • Parent record of the processes that will be served for the case
Process File
  • Includes description and control information of a specific process to be served
Transaction File
  • Used to enter data and related comments for each financial transaction of a given process
  • Amounts are posted to both the case and process records and balances are derived in real-time at each level
  • Convenient function keys to assign servers, post transactions and enter dispositions
Generated Documents
  • Receipt of payment
  • Process server worksheet
  • Return of service
  • Statement for each process used for billing purposes
  • Case process list report
  • Process statement report
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