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Computer Assisted Dispatch
  Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)  
  The CIS Computer Assisted Dispatch (CAD) System is a state-of-the-art program that enables dispatchers to efficiently and effectively manage incidents. The CIS CAD also enhances the dispatchers' ability to provide the maximum level of officer safety to first responders. This system is powerful enough to operate regional multi-service dispatch centers and human factored to provide the dispatcher with a valuable tool for dealing with the most demanding traffic loads and E911 Systems. Also, it provides the dispatcher with instantaneous access to name, location, pending and prior incidents, hazards and warrant information. The CAD System, which is in Client Server Windows, allows for single keystroke command keys and clicks initiate transactions.

Key Elements of Computer Assisted Dispatch (CAD):

User Definable Command Line
  • All CAD transactions available
  • Full on-line help window
  • Simultaneous use of command line, mouse, and function keys
Enhanced 911 with Phase 1 and 2 Wireless Mapping
  • Phase 1 and 2 compliant
  • Automatic entry of 911 data including XY coordinates to CAD with instantaneous checks for full location information
  • Integrated MAP displays Phase 1 and 2 wireless calls along with active incidents and all unit responders
Instant Person Verification
  • Name check for warrants, hot sheets, priors and court orders
  • Lists all possible person matches
Instant Location Verification
  • Verifies addresses, intersections, common places, aliases and partials
  • Automatically determines police, fire and EMS jurisdiction
  • Premise response file that can include images
  • Checks for hazardous locations, prior and pending incidents at location
  • Provides dynamic unit recommendations
Mobile Communications
  • ALL communications and dispatches to and between mobiles are voice and text
  • Real-time view of all active incidents and responding units
  • Remote office functionality with report and ticket writing
  • Full NCIC transactions
  • Provides instantaneous transmittal of unlimited photos, scans, floor plans, hazardous material notifications, etc. to any mobile unit
  • Attaches documents to any location record for immediate viewing in CAD
Web Enabled, Real-Time CAD Incident Display
  • Gives the general public and media access to real-time incidents
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